vineri, 27 noiembrie 2015

How To Redeem a Microsoft Points or Xbox Live Gold Code on your Xbox 360 Console

This article will provide step by step instructions on how to redeem an Xbox code on your Xbox 360 console. These instructions will work if you purchased one of the following:

  1. Microsoft Points prepaid card
  2. Xbox Live Gold membership prepaid card
  3. Microsoft Points online game code
  4. Xbox Live Gold membership online game code
  5. Zune Points prepaid card
You may have recently purchased a Microsoft Points code or an Xbox Live gold membership code. In order to redeem this Microsoft Point code on your Xbox 360 console please follow the steps below.

Note: Make sure you have a valid Xbox Live gold membership and a valid Internet connection before you start.

How to redeem your Microsoft Points or Xbox Live Gold code on your Xbox 360 console:

  1. Turn on your Xbox 360 console and sign into your Xbox Live gamer tag. Once you’re signed into your Xbox Live gamer tag you will be brought to the Xbox 360 dashboard.
  2. Now, use your Xbox 360 controller’s left stick and scroll up one time.
  3. Next, scroll to the right 7 times until the settings tab is highlighted.
  4. Scroll down twice and the account tab should be highlighted.
  5. Go ahead and press the green a button. This should bring you to the account management menu.
  6. At the account management menu you will see a list of your billing options. Simply press enter to, “redeem code”. This should bring up an Xbox Live prompt that will ask you to enter the 25 digit Xbox code.
After you have entered the code press, “done - free game codes” in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also press the start button on your Xbox 360 controller.

Congratulations, your Microsoft points or Xbox Live Gold subscription are now instantly added to your Xbox Live gamer tag.